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All bright emotions during sex!
In 1/5/2014, 16:08, champion said
There is one ooh, nice way to prolong sexual intercourse. A bit cruel, viagra but PTS works well.
Open the head of your cock, and walk with her in this position all the time. From the friction head loses sensitivity, and after 3-6 months, the problem disappears :)

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PS About squirt watch the video "white tiger Tantra". But be prepared that there the information will be given very uncomfortable, with the aim that came to seminars.
My liked in the mouth, even then he said. But after a Blowjob. Cialis Then he ran to the sink to spit :D

However she has to go and learn it. In this section, several top-to interesting fact about blowjobs, how to do, so she can learn too :ph34r:

About "how to get to this point?": Still was so: fucked in missionary, then pulled out, knelt on the bed, she stood up, and without further ADO immediately took in her mouth.
Promised to give some of the new chips from those whom I teach in individual lessons guys. Now this will do.

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As above already correctly advised:

1. Viagra. Standard blue pill 100mg, 4-5 hours of strong togoshi. Frequent side effects(~10%) in the form of reddened faces. Runs for an hour or two-several hours. I was in Semipervious and long.

2. Cialis. Standard tablet 20mg. Slightly different effect, but the result is the same with Viagra raises the fallen soldiers. The duration of to 48 hours. That's what I recommend. Any pharmacy will sell you this miracle.

Do not mix with alcohol, do not eat fatty. Generally it is better or not, or if you eat, then after an hour and a half to take a pill, or at least eat as little as possible.
This is it, if we're talking about one-time use in order to you, the Author, returned the morale and fighting spirit. Well to worry less for this reason I would advise. Don't think about it - everything will be as it should.
Today I saw the pharmacy dietary Supplements (biologically active additives) to increase potency!

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Yet many people like it when their little pridushivayut during sex or a softer version just take the whole palm of the throat.
In General, be an animal in sex girls like it :)

If about spanking, then have to beat so that is when you click the hand was removed. Thus we create a loud sound, but the kinetic energy remains in the upper layers of the skin. The result is very nice, but doesn't hurt. But be careful, because the delicate female skin and then leave marks for a couple of days:)

About hair I have 2 girls during sex asked themselves to take them by the hair. Then I concluded that like it all. The main thing is to not take 1 thread, and miss all that's on the head. But be careful with 8-kami (!) because they often have hair extensions and they are very Cialis worried about them even in the subway when the wind blows.

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