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As planned, went to visit OVC. Drive 6 hours, it was time to think. Someone on the forum I read that the best way to set yourself up in a situation when you were left to repeat a hundred times a day : "Yes, and x*y with her! Get myself better!" I went and convinced myself that no girl that I once knew this other, alien, etc.

You know, the works! )) Is reached to the destination so pumped himself, that he believed all that. When she saw me, already in the face of change - it is relaxed with a calm smile and went out. Asked what had happened. I replied that all is well, went fine. Said I how strange I look. And then a miracle happened - the behavior has changed with a slight condescension (crown on head) to "I'm glad to see" miss you, love you, etc.

The weekend went well, went to the concert. Asked to stay for another. I instead of Monday barely moved on Wednesday. Proposed to live together, but in her town. And if my only in my apartment. Said that he agreed to live with her (to see her reaction) reacted like normal, not out of tune, I didn't understand until the end. In the end, I almost no obstacles left to itself.
Every day she calls, discussing current Affairs. Yesterday when the conversation came up again the theme of my infidelity in 2014 why I went to his wife. I said how can you discuss the same, it is obvious that you don't want to live with me, don't trust me and I don't like our Cialis over, since viagra you live in another city, although we have the opportunity to live with me.

She said I was wrong and that we are doing that talking and trying to solve the accumulated problems by pulling them to the surface, from depth to the level of consciousness to their work (psychologists) say, we need to understand each other to understand if we can live together and how it will look. She wants to know what I learned from this story and realized that. In the end, said excited and started panting (hyperventilation), and said goodbye.
Question to the guru of the forum. What is it? Manipulation, on the crown of the head or sincerity? I have the impression that she had real mental problems.
Hello everyone, it's been two months since my last post.

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