Eliminating Absenteeism through Creative Work Schedules

In a tight job market in one of the problems facing a supervisor, times, is absenteeism. This can be especially tough for the manager who accountable for an off change like a conventional three PM to eleven PM second shifts. While a supervisor of these on one off’ shifts, I had been asked to analyze the issue of obsessive absenteeism. Even though the department had a workforce, the absenteeism was across the board, and included several workers that are older also. While a few of the reasons given for the absenteeism was the typical ones, most the explanations, such as automobile or sickness breakdowns. They included needing to attend a school function, wanting to or needing to care for a relative with the family.

employee monitoringAn obvious, but overlooked, Week solution for this dilemma is the ten hour, four day work. This permits the worker to have a day without scheduling a day or vacation day to attend to family matters and personal business. This can be invaluable to the worker who needs to attend work week business which cannot be scheduled in the morning hours and functions under the point system. Week can be when all the employees can be scheduled using the day off a money saver for the company. Cost savings from using less electricity would be note worthy. The day that was idle might be used at which that maintenance would need to be scheduled on a week-end leading to over time 35, to schedule maintenance, unlike in a five day work week.

In the case of this company I was Involved with, the delivery schedule that required shipments everyday was interfered with by a four day, ten hour work week that was complete. Make our transport requirements and to execute, there has been a four day, ten hour work week invented. Half of the workforce had Fridays off and the remaining half had Mondays off. This way the company could meet with the daily shipment necessity of it, while the workers could have. It was agreed that the workers would alternate the day of the week they were off six months.

Not only was the four day Work week an effective instrument it influenced the community and the worker in ways. The Time Clock Wizard workers spent on fuel drove and reduced their contribution. This effect could have been Multiplied the workers reacted favorably to the plan that was purposed, although if the corporation would have been in a position to be idle on a single day of the week. In the work area, more and more of today Businesses are currently implementing the ten hour with very rewarding results. State governments are currently implementing their own Week plans day work. Of course like the health care, in certain work places this plan, industry is not feasible, but for a majority of the nation’s Work areas it is a strategy that is viable and workable.