How A Phone Tracker Can Ensure Emotional Wellbeing Of Your Child?

Most kids these days are glued to their phones. They enjoy being on social media, and Facebook is their favourite platform. This high usage of smartphones can harm the overall development of the kid. Social media platforms also have detrimental effects which might not be visible to the bare eye till it becomes a hugely emotional issue.

Today, let us discuss such threats to your child’s wellbeing and how a phone tracking app with a Facebook location tracker might help you.

1.    Harmful Content Consumption

Kids are at an impressionable age. They tend to believe everything they come across on Facebook. This might affect them adversely and shape their mind in the wrong way. They might also come across content that is not fit for their age.

Tracking your child’s social media activity and the files they exchange on the messenger will alert you against such threats.

2.    Social Media Addiction

Facebook addiction is common among adults and children alike. The constant urge to scroll the Facebook timeline or check notifications might make them lose focus in their studies and other activities. This might dangerously impact the child’s mind. The features of likes or comments are designed to stimulate the reward circuitry in one’s mind. These activities also considerably reduce the child’s attention span.

Tracking App

With a Facebook tracking feature on a phone tracker app, parents can monitor the duration of their child’s Facebook app. Parents can limit the usage using a phone tracker application and can prevent their children from becoming addicted to social media.

3.    Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)

The constant loop of posting on social media and reacting to others’ virtual activities leads a child to disconnect from real-life social bonds. They might suffer from Fear Of Missing Out if they are not on social media. Limiting Facebook time can help parents to prevent this from happening.

4.    Facebook Depression

It has been noticed that children who spend a lot of time on social media are more susceptible to mental health issues. The glittering show of others’ lives on social media can lead to dissatisfaction with their own lives. It also results in harming their social and emotional development. They can face issues like low self-esteem, mood swings and anxiety. Psychologists have termed these symptoms as ‘Facebook depression’.

5.    Unregulated Posting

Often children might overshare personal information on their social media. This can lead to the misuse of information by cybercriminals and can also lead to cyberbullying, hacking, phishing, etc. With a phone tracker, you will read all the posts your child makes and take action if needed.


Using social media for an extended period means that your child is exposed to prolonged screen time. This can prove harmful for both the emotional and physical health of the child. They might suffer eye-related issues, neck pain, back and headaches at a very young age. These will also hamper their overall development. They might also get into a sedentary lifestyle and lose interest in the simple joys of life. Parents can prevent these by keeping track of their kids’ Facebook usage and encouraging them to participate in real-life activities.