How Do Progressive Lenses Change Your Eye Power?

Progressive lenses are a new type of lenses that offer a multifocal vision to their wearers. For people that are short-sighted, there exist the hypermetropia lenses that would cure them. And for long-sighted people and those who have difficulty seeing things that are present at a distance

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You must have seen many older adults and even kids that wear glasses that have a clear, distinct line or a semi-circle below cut into the prescription glasses. These glasses contain both myopic and hypermetropic lenses. Some glasses are available in the market that does have a distinct line like these. But, it doesn’t look retro, and they have a multifocal vision. These glasses are called progressive additional lenses or PAL. Get recommended optical store singapore online.

What are these lenses, and how do they help?

Bifocal lenses are too tough to use as you have to constantly adjust yourself while reading or seeing something at a distance. For example, if you are writing something written on a blackboard that is at a good distance, you would have to switch back and forth from both the lenses. This would cause a lot of strain on your eye, and it may damage your vision in the long run.

However, cheap progressive lenses do not require such a measure. You can view from any angle, and you don’t have to balance your spectacles on your nose and change their position all the time. You don’t even have to look from above the line or below the line as the lenses are multifocal, and they can find their focal points regardless of the distance. For people with presbyopia, cheap progressive lenses should be a must. Even after 35-40, if you need reading glasses, you should go for progressive lenses.