Managing Technology within an Organization

When it comes to technology solutions for your company it is easy to get carried away with the latest-and-greatest gadgets and alternatives. Everyone would like to get the latest shiny thing. In larger businesses, managing technology can become problematic because of rival and duplicative tech requests. Left unfettered, the business technology platform can resemble spaghetti bowl over time. Often is the case, new technologies requests are filed with no business case to support their investment. Is a big proponent of having Non-technology Company leaders play an active part in the determination of their technology alternatives used at a company? Although it is vital to include an IT standpoint from a technical interface perspective, having non-IT employees drive technology solutions often result in conclusions based on the business needs of their organization.

TechnologyTherefore, any technology petition would need a business plan to support the investment. Form A Technology Committee: Here is the beginning of your technology approval procedure. Create a technology committee that reflects various employees from cross-functional departments. Think about selecting operations, bookkeeping, marketing, Technology and fund member to this group. This committee is charged with creating the procedure for submitting technology alternative requests for the organization in addition to supplying the prioritization and finally, approval of their requests. Develop A Submittal Procedure: Inherent in a well-thought through technology strategy for a company is developing a procedure for the submission of ideas.

After the garbage-in, garbage-out mindset, developing a thorough process for entry will help weed out thence to haves and focus the committee on concrete, real solutions. This process should not incorporate the technology solution identified, but as importantly, the business case for its rationale. For approved projects from the queue, a monthly communication ought to be sent to the organization recapping the action of the committee. Focus Your Projects: A technology committee generates focus throughout the organization. While it would be great to have every new iteration of technologies that gets released, that is costly and impractical the committee can assist with providing a high level perspective on the whole enterprise since it is considering all requests All too frequently, departmental requests have a propensity to be generated in a silo, with the impact on such department considered.