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2. Moved to live with her.
Question: I buy an apartment or go to yuh?!
On Monday I called and again started to tell me how viagra I'm wrong,that stopped to give her money that she was anything missing. I help my son and why I let him go in our apartment without her consent (he now lives with me in the apartment that we rented). It would be fair if I gave her half the money we had together earned. Told that craves satisfaction for my affair in 2014, they Say, could would like to unsubscribe to her car as taxed for old sins, so she got the satisfaction of his grievances. (like, give it to me, and he can continue to drive, but ed pills without prescription the wife will not be able to claim it). I asked her why it all comes down to money? And she says, and what I demand from you? Or do I have to do what you want revenge? I say we plan for the future and not living in the past. She - what future, if not closed old debts. In General slipped into the emotions. I told her that if she does not want me, let them fuck off*smiling from me. Hung up.

Thursday called. I asked why are you calling? She says she wanted to Express their indignation at the current situation and the injustice to her. Son and the former family I help, but she doesn't. I said that she made the choice, being contrary to my opinion in another city. Cold goodbye. Night calls me back and says he wants to apologize, behaved inappropriately, say, post-war syndrome. I don't owe her anything, for the son apologized, worried that he heard everything. Was invited to come to visit her. Today I will go, so I'll try again to sort out. Suddenly it's not so sad as it seems?
Looks like the who pen her all night, she doesn't like it. So the next morning she drew the reason for that could be an apology, saying that the family broke. Not treason to admit

You're not an alpha man. You're an ordinary Allen. Cialis Allen who runs after her, and while the noodles hanging from the horns, beautifully in the wind fluttering.

Easy. Only, I'm afraid, have for a long time. - there is basically the entire contingent - "age of children". It's even on the advice and approach to voice problems felt. Boring. But okay, I'll try how you can.
Strong, as you put it "alpha" woman has exactly the same needs as any other.
And she wants sex with a strong male. What causes it not to get a dominant lover?Fear of husband/alenem cloth? Are you serious? Change and more rich and more powerful, and even cloth and even more.
Fundamentally it is important to separate the concepts of "strong woman" and alpha female. In the same way as a word like "henpecked". Even in the perception of the various peoples of what should/should not do male varies greatly, as at present, and has varied historically. Not going to deeply develop the historical examples all on your toes everyday moments try. For example, I once witnessed such a scene: on a beach come to relax Caucasian/Transcaucasian men and women. Well, as usual - a bonfire, barbecues. So, the men solemnly stood with his arms folded on his chest and began to discuss their "men's business", while their wives (women) collecting wood for a bonfire around the beach and actually fueled the fire. None of the men did not even look in their direction. Cialis I somehow think that such behavior is not entirely acceptable in the European/Slavic traditions.

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