Shift in Stock Market Landscape – Need to Know More

It was the standard Stock market investment advice: watch oil rates. However, the commodity makes or breaks the marketplace. Though oil prices have discovered a floor in the 105 -110 range stock market investment advisers have another peg to base their predictions: the slowdown. Quite simply: fears of a slowdown caused by the effect of commodity prices which triggered trend from the customers, the world’s biggest export industry, in US. It was the functioning of the export industry of the country that pulled up the operation, though US posted a quarter. But the export boost until it recovers from the effects of the credit crunch for the US economy might not pull up world market. The reason: the countries importing US products are feeling the dollar and the downturn heat.

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Yes, probably but not much. We have seen a slide in growth rates plus from 9 percent of the fiscal. We might see another one percent points chipped off our growth rate. And coming to stock markets, it would be a guess and go down or up, based on cues. In the absence of a tendency, it would be tricky to trade in such times. The best advice is to lie low for any term trend to emerge. It would be a guess that is tricky, since the cues could have lots of say over it. If oil, by way of instance, begins its upward trend, the inflation will spike impacting the stocks such as realty and banking.

The rupee is not likely to regain strength. The public finances of the country are under strain, with joint effect of petroleum and fertilizer subsidies, higher payouts to babus and the loan waiver. The FIIs are not entering the markets compared to that when they fled. But the markets for Indian IT companies are not likely to recover. In addition to the earnings of multinationals from other markets are starting to sag. In the Industry rubble you can find But reeling under the weakness strong. Some of them you might have liked when higher moved to possess but shied away because of valuations. Have a dip into more and these stocks if they weaken further do not expect to see short term profits. Build a portfolio of great tin chung khoan wait to see the corner turning. But if you are lucky, do not give up the prospect of profit booking.