Teaching Strategies Based on Visual Mapping Techniques

The use of different with the examination season and learning styles within the classroom has long been a teaching approach; the need to find procedures that allow information to condense into chunks that are memorable becomes more pressing. Key words are a starting point if pieces of information should be connected into a coherent narrative but adding structure is important. This is where mapping may play an integral role.Although most people Seeing a mind map or concept map will look at the words to have the most significance, positioning of those words inside the diagrams holds information that is key. In your mind maps, the idea of this diagram will be discovered with topics of decreasing levels of significance before the detail resides at the borders, radiating out from this. Using different colors may show wedges and aide memoire and pictures are suggested to bring the thoughts.

Discover the Wonderful Power of Mind Maps

The association map in its simplest form is two key words with a link that is defined. They have the formal requirements of the concept map although in terms of appearances the diagrams are very similar to a mind map that is non-linear. The important point from a learning perspective is the association between the two key words must be defined. A keyword might have links but every pairing has to have this hyperlink association that is well-defined. we have found about such connections have been some of the very useful the decisions one has to make in designing learning packages that pupils move easily through a subject and in assisting a student to conquer a misunderstanding. Joining the unknown has been a teaching strategy since time immemorial and the institution map is a method of tapping into this for some pupils.

In association maps the connection becomes the keyand as stated, the procedure for deciding which kind of link joins keywords is a part of discovering understanding. If two key words cannot be linked by you effectively, you have not understood how they are related to one another.This pairing and linking process enables a student to be working from a stage of comprehension and permits a decoration like approach to the development of the knowledge map. When used where one is not an expert to create a map, it is possible to recognize after an association map was developed the level terms that will take precedence. This is because they are the ones with the linkages. Development of mind mapping software thus provides a mechanism for allowing students create their own concept maps and to have the expert role if they are not fully confident in a topic. So this is a bonus, drawing some of the three kinds of maps involves more active learning than simply using ready-made ones.