Things to look for in a good pair of motorcycle boots

There are very few tasks that do not require the proper equipment to succeed. Motorcycle apparel and accessories to a rider, are like a hammer is to the carpenter, or a baseball glove to the baseball player. As we stick with the scenario of the baseball player, do you think he would be able to accomplish his goals while wearing a pair of motorcycle boots when he took the field? Sure, he might be able to handle some of the task, but if he was really pushed to his limit is we highly doubt he could perform to his fullest potential without his cleats. The same holds true for the motorcycle rider. When we set out for the day on a motorcycle we really do not know all the things that might cross our path.

motorcycle boots

A pair of riding boots must be comfortable. When we saddle up for the day, we might not return for hours. It is our intent to enjoy ourselves. That would be difficult to do if we were wearing a boot that did not fit properly. Leather is my boot of preference. A good soft leather boot will conform to your foot. After the leather is broke in, it will fit like a glove giving you many hours of enjoyment without discomfort. This is a very important quality on a riding boot. The outer sole needs to be thick to absorb vibration, oil resistant and provide good traction. All of these are important, but the traction is most important. A good pair of motorcycle boots must have an outer sole that provides great traction. When you plant your feet to support yourself and the motorcycle, the last thing you want is your foot to slip. Once it starts slipping, it might be difficult to stop it. This could result in you losing your balance and dropping your bike.

The height of the boot is important as well. When riding, the wind will sometimes force your pant leg up a few inches. Keep in mind, one of the main reasons for the motorcycle riding boot is protection. Protection from the elements, protection from debris and potential danger if we make sure that our boot is a minimum of 6 inches high, we will ensure that our lower legs remain protected there are many shapes and sizes of motorcycle boots on the market. When you are choosing theĀ motorcycle boots for you, make sure to carefully consider the points that we have keyed upon. If you concentrate on ensuring that the boot that you choose has the qualities and features that we have discussed, you will not only have a good motorcycle boot, but you will wear it instead of pushing it to the back of the closet as we did with my first pair.