For large volume packages, the carrier may ask you for its volumetric weight, which corresponds to the density of the package and give an indication of the volume that your parcel will occupy during its delivery. The formula for calculating the volumetric weight is as follows: (Length x width x height) / 6,000

If the volumetric weight is greater than the actual weight of the package, the carrier then retains the volumetric weight to establish its pricing. Some carriers sometimes take a value lower than 6,000 (originally provided for by the international convention IATA – International Air Transport Association) to calculate the size of a package in an aircraft. Be aware that the lower the benchmark (4000 or 5000), the higher the value of the volumetric weight and therefore the higher the rates.

last mile delivery


To optimize the cost of its shipments, the use of adequate packaging is required, for the reason indicated above: a packaging too large can increase the volumetric weight. The quality of the packaging is also to be monitored. Cartons reused several times may fail during shipping or may not withstand the weight of the goods it contains. The purchase of cardboard boxes of different sizes, blankets to fill the voids in the package (polystyrene flakes, air cushions, etc.) or good quality adhesive tape are all elements that will contribute to a successful expedition. last mile delivery is possible

Make sure you check the territorial coverage of the provider you have chosen and make sure that it has an agency near your company, because some carriers do not insure the removal on site for companies that do not have customer account.