Watch Sasirekhaparinayam movie free on aha

Watch Sasirekhaparinayam movie free on aha

SasirekhaParinayam is a proper south indiantelugu film written and directed by Krishna Vamsi. This film is a romantic drama film released in the year 2009. Director Krishna vamsi is very well known for his family type stories in telugu that connects telugu people to their origins in terms of culture and tradition. You can watch SasirekhaParinayam movie online free on aha as you can watch free movies.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Tarun Kumar

Actress: Genelia D’Souza

Other actors: Paruchuri Gopala Krishna, Raghu Babu

Director: Krishna Vamsi

Producer: SunkaraMadhumurali

Music: Mani Sharma &vidyasagar

Cinematography: Samalabhasker

Editing: Shankar

Other information:

Runtime: 162 minutes

Release date: 01 January 2009

Genre: Romance, world cinema


The story begins with Sashirekha, a young beautiful girl running away on her engagement day as she is not interested in marrying an unknown NRI her father found. Her father forces her to marry him so that he can get dowry as it is a rich guy. She gets in touch with a stranger who is on his way to get married but decides to stay with sashirekha. His name is Anand and he takes care of her by being beside her till she meets her friend in another city. They face a lot of struggles in the process as even at once, she will get forced to get raped and he saves her putting his life on the line. Her innocence makes him stay with her for safety and as they reach her friend’s city, they are stuck at a political riot where everyone is fighting with each other and a bottle will be thrown at her head in the midst. Trying to save her, Anand takes her on an auto rickshaw to hospital and calls their family. Then it will be revealed that the person whom she is getting married to, is anand. Everything falls into place when she gets to know that. As Anand talks and settles their both family issues, everyone will be happy and eventually they come to a good end.

Artist’s Performance:

  • Tarun’s acting and dialogues delivery is best compared to his recent movies.
  • Genelia being one of the most cutest actresses in telugu movies, showed her best acting skills.
  • Paruchuri Gopala Krishna, being one of the best screenwriters in telugu film industry, his acting and dialogue delivery is great.

Technical Aspects:

  • Script writing and dialogues in the film are so beautifully done.
  • The cinematography is too good that it shows the real face of our villages.
  • The songs in the film have played a key role in setting up the mood and the lyrics will just take your hearts.
  • Thebgm is fantastic and in sync with the cinematography that gives goosebumps in some scenes.

You should definitely watch this film if you are into classical structures of story development in relation to our telugu culture. This is a must watch film that you can watch SasirekhaParinayam movie online on aha as you can watch free movies.